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We believe that God is active in the world today changing lives. We believe that God speaks to us through the spoken word, music, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. We recognize our need for God and come to worship expecting to see, recognize, and respond to God's presence in our lives.

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Our Ministries

You can grow spiritually through participation in weekly worship, education, Bible reading and study. In faithful congregations, inspiring worship and loving relationships flourish as the church builds community through a free and forgiven life.

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Get Involved!

You can help others by using your unique gifts to help those in need as well as joining others to accomplish shared goals. Groups include mentoring activities, chancel choir, Gospel Mission work, quilting groups, and more.

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from the pastor

Wax On…Wax Off

The classic 1980’s movie, the Karate Kid, is/was a great movie. The plot puts a young teenage guy in a tough situation. Daniel has just moved from New Jersey to California because of his mother’s job. He is a skinny, dark-haired Italian who does not fit in with the blonde Californian crowd. Did I mention he was 15 years old? He gets bullied. He seeks help from a kindly older Asian man who agrees to teach him karate. Daniel shows up for his first lesson and has to wash and wax a number of old cars in the man’s backyard. Another day, he has to paint the fence and, yet on another day, he has to sand a very large deck and patio area. Daniel gets frustrated because he thinks all this work he is doing is just free labor and that he is not learning a thing. I can understand his thinking. All this time and work and he has not learned a stance or how to block a punch or throw a punch or attempt a roundhouse kick. I think I would be frustrated also or at least confused.

Joshua has just been given the position of leader. Moses had died and now Joshua will be the one to lead God’s people into the Promised Land. Joshua had sent spies into the land to look over the first obstacle, Jericho. It was a city with fortified walls. People actually had their homes in the walls. Aaron may have been wondering, and the people too, how they would attack this fortress and then God gives a plan. “Joshua, for your first real showing as leader of the people, you will go to Jericho. You will gather the people as if marching off to battle. You will march to Jericho and march around the city once. You will have your trumpet blowing the whole time. Then you will return to camp. You will repeat this for six days. On the seventh day, you will march around the city seven times and the trumpets will let out a final blast and you will tell the people to shout. Then the walls will fall down.” What? Why do we need to do all the marching? Why can’t we just walk over there and shout and take the city. What is all this other stuff about? Did the marching and trumpet noise weaken the foundation so that the walls fell? Was it an exercise in faith? Sometimes in life we may wonder why we are going through certain experiences or jumping through a bunch of hoops; in the end could it be a question of whether or not we will just have faith and follow.


Bryent and Jenna Slagter missionaries

Volunteering in Niger

Join us in praying for


as they prepare to serve as a youth pastor and a teacher’s aide at an international Christian school in Niamey, Niger, where the children of RCA missionary couples Tom and Aïchatou Johnson and Jeremy and Susan Beebout attend.

The Slagters will mentor students, contribute to the school’s spiritual mission, lead Bible studies, help teachers with lessons, and tutor students who need extra help. “We hope to be a witness for Christ while easing the minds of missionary parents who worry about the quality of their children’s education while they are engaged in cross-cultural ministry,” they say.

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