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We believe that God is active in the world today changing lives. We believe that God speaks to us through the spoken word, music, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. We recognize our need for God and come to worship expecting to see, recognize, and respond to God's presence in our lives.

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Our Ministries

You can grow spiritually through participation in weekly worship, education, Bible reading and study. In faithful congregations, inspiring worship and loving relationships flourish as the church builds community through a free and forgiven life.

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Get Involved!

You can help others by using your unique gifts to help those in need as well as joining others to accomplish shared goals. Groups include mentoring activities, chancel choir, Gospel Mission work, quilting groups, and more.

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from the pastor

Clean Connections

Have you ever heard the definition of a boat? A boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into! This can seem so true at times. I have an older small fishing boat and from the day I bought it there has been an issue with the lights on the trailer. One side will work sometimes but not at other times. It is a mystery that continues to elude me to the point I firmly believe that no matter what I do I am being tested by this light. The first thing I tried was replacing the light bulb. This seemed like the simple and hopefully best option. Of course as my luck would have it, this did not work. Next I replaced the whole tail light assembly. Now I am somewhat mechanical so I could get the job done but probably not as fast as some and not without a few shall we say glitches along the way. Yet the problem continued, sometimes it worked and at other times it did not. Frustration set in and I said forget it. After a while, I decided to try again so I dared to take the big step of rewiring the entire trailer. Again this took some time and tested my patience but I got through it. When it was finished, I thought for sure I would have all systems go but nonetheless, the same problem persisted. Now I was extremely frustrated and I said for get it for even a longer period of time. Then one day I began to think about the issue again and so I searched the problem on the Internet. I found a video that I watched and suddenly I thought, it can’t be that simple. The trailer light is set up so that the ground is the bolt that attaches to the trailer and the paint on the trailer where the bolt is attached could be the problem impacting the connection. Much to my surprise and frustration all I needed to do was remove some paint around the bolt and suddenly it worked.

Jesus tells us that he is the vine and we are the branches. We are to abide in him and bear fruit. Jesus also tells us that at times we need to be pruned in order to make our connection stronger and bear more fruit. Sometimes we can let things that we don’t even notice get in the way of our connection with God and others. I needed to get past the, I can do it myself, attitude and make a connection to gain the help. What do you need to remove so that your connections are stronger?


Bryent and Jenna Slagter missionaries

Volunteering in Niger

Join us in praying for


as they prepare to serve as a youth pastor and a teacher’s aide at an international Christian school in Niamey, Niger, where the children of RCA missionary couples Tom and Aïchatou Johnson and Jeremy and Susan Beebout attend.

The Slagters will mentor students, contribute to the school’s spiritual mission, lead Bible studies, help teachers with lessons, and tutor students who need extra help. “We hope to be a witness for Christ while easing the minds of missionary parents who worry about the quality of their children’s education while they are engaged in cross-cultural ministry,” they say.

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