Visiting Peace for the first Time? Here are the basics:

Where do I go when I drive up? There are two parking lots at Peace with either providing good access to the facility. The lower lot will lead you in right by the nursery if you have children who would want to check out that space. The upper lot will bring you in by the welcome area where you’re free to grab a cup of coffee, find some more information about what’s happening at Peace and make your way into the worship area. You’re free to mingle and meet some people after you arrive or find a seat and take it all in.

What is the worship time like? The service is a time when we approach God through prayer, singing, and exploring God’s Word. Because we believe that worship should connect with everyone present we have people of all ages involved in the service. There are kids’ messages, adult choirs, youth praise teams, and more. The music style could be described as an eclectic, blended mix because we are an eclectic, blended mix of people. Some songs are newer and some are older. The songs aren’t chosen by their age, but for the message of praise to God that they share.

What do people usually wear? Wear what you feel comfortable in. You will probably see someone else dressed similarly to yourself. There are blue jeans and boots, button up shirts and ties, dresses and skirts, shorts and sandals.

What about my kids? We have a nursery available on the lower level just next to the staircase, for those who would like to have their young children in a safe, engaging environment during the worship service. Those whose children are older or who choose to have their children in worship with them, will also feel at home upstairs. We love kids! And we know that kids sometimes need to move around or use the bathroom or make some noise. None of those things are out of the ordinary during the worship time. There will be a children’s message specifically for the kids. There is also a Sunday School time after the service for pre-k through high school. If you have any questions about where to go or how to get connected, one of our greeters would love to tell you more.


Peace Staff

Rachael Maag, Director of Christian Education
Minda Thompson, Music Director
Renee Beach, Office Administrator
Rochelle DeCora, Custodian
Jason Van Wyk, Pastor

What We Believe

We believe that God created the world and everything in it, including human beings.

God created a perfect world. In the beginning, there was no sin--no hatred, no disunity, and no death. But God also allowed humans to make their own choices.

The first humans, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God, allowing sin to enter God's perfect world. From then on, every human has been born with sinful desires that lead to separation from God.

But the story doesn't end there. God loves the world and the people in it--so much, in fact, that he made a plan to take away the guilt of our sin.

God sent his son, Jesus, into the world as a human. Jesus gave his life to pay the price for sins he didn't commit. Jesus accepted the punishment for our sins so that we don't have to.

Three days after Jesus was killed, God brought Jesus to life again, defeating the power of death and evil. Jesus still lives today, eternally in heaven with God the Father. One day he will come back to earth to put an end to evil--sin, death, and pain--and renew all things. He will gather all who have believed in him from every time and place to live with him forever.

Our faith is centered in God's love for us demonstrated in Jesus Christ, his son.

When we accept Jesus' sacrifice for us and commit our lives to following him, God sees us as perfect, the way we were first created to be. We cannot manufacture such faith on our own; it is the result of God's Spirit working within us.